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Upside down Cherry and Coconut cake.

Upside down Cherry and Coconut cake.

Cherries are one of the most versatile and photogenic fruits. I’ve always loved them and now that I bake, I love using this gorgeous fruit in a lot of baked goods. Recently I saw a lot of posts on Instagram about upside down cherry cakes and I knew I had to make my own version (cuz why not?)

This cake is an absolute winner and it’s literally so easy to put together that you’ll wonder how something so simple tastes so on point! You only need ONE BOWL and a spatula and you’re good to go. Let’s make it before the cherry season ends!


For the cherry topping-

250 g fresh pitted cherries

1 tbsp unsalted butter

2 tbsp brown sugar

1 tbsp lemon juice

1/2 cup dried desiccated coconut

For the sponge:

100 g soft unsalted butter

20 ml coconut oil

110 g castor sugar/light brown sugar

1 large egg

120 g plain four

1 1/2 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp baking soda

1/4 tsp salt

2 tsp vanilla extract

2 tbsp yogurt


  1. Grease and line a 7 inch round cake pan, preheat your oven to 175ºC.
  2. In a medium sized sauce pan, add your pitted cherries, butter and sugar, stir on medium heat for about 3-4 mins, take it off the heat when the sugar is all melted, add the lemon juice and dried desiccated coconut and mix well to combine. Once mixed well transfer this mixture to your greased and lined cake pan and spread evenly. Keep it aside.
  3. In the same sauce pan, add your butter and coconut oil, mix well (you can use a whisk but a spatula will do the job just fine) then add the sugar and mix well.
  4. Once combined, just ensure your mixture is not too hot because of the residual heat of the sauce-pan and if it is just a little warm then go ahead and add the egg and mix well. Add the yogurt and vanilla extract.
  5. Sift in your flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Mix until just combined. Transfer this mixture to the greased pan and gently level the batter so that all the cherries are covered.
  6. Bake for around 35-40 minutes depending on your oven. My cake baked for exactly 37 minutes. Once a toothpick inserted into the center of the cake comes out clean, take it out of the oven. Let your cake cool for about 10 minutes in the pan then run a sharp knife around the edges of the cake and release it from the pan.
  7. Let the cake cool down completely before cutting a slice. I promise you this cake is everythinggg!
  8. The cake will stay fresh for about 2-3 days if refrigerated in an air tight container, although I would suggest finishing the cake within one day or at the most two.

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