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4-Ingredient Energy (Brownie) Bites!

4-Ingredient Energy (Brownie) Bites!

I know the healthy eating rage is here to stay, and I’m all in for it. I have been having this aversion to processed food for the past few months and I’ve been turning to whole foods, fruits etc. So I was reading a lot about healthy home made snacks and treats that aren’t so hard to make. This is not related to weight loss in any way, I just feel better when I eat whole and healthy foods. So I fell upon a lot of websites housing loads of healthy recipes and I was so happy! I played around with a few things and made something out of the basic things I had in my kitchen. Some people don’t like how typical ‘healthy’ food tastes, I guess the added flavours and other additives give it depth of flavour and colour and aroma, I won’t deny that it definitely is tempting.

This here is a very simple snack which I definitely like to munch on, I prefer the taste, it’s not too sweet, it is soft, fudgy and has a crunch and I like it. It is inspired by this recipe, You can actually twist and turn and play with the recipe to fit your taste and liking, I will leave all the substitutions I can find. There is no right or wrong in this recipe if you don’t go overboard with the ingredients. I wanted to try how hemp seeds taste because I had never tried them. The people over at were kind enough to send me some and I am glad I did try them! It’s so good! It doesn’t really have a very strong flavour or taste but they add a wonderdul crunch and texture to whatever you put it in, I’m all in for texture and crunch!

Enough talking let’s make some yummy energy bites!


100g pitted dates (I used Kimia dates, measured after pitting)

120g almonds

30g hemp seeds/hemp hearts

3 tbsp cacao/cocoa powder

Method: (substitutions and notes after recipe)

1. If you are using dry dates then, pitt them and soak them in boiling water just till they are submerged and leave them overnight, or for a few hours till they soften up. If your dates are soft enough for your blender then you may skip this step. Drain dates before use.

2. Add all the ingredients into a food processor and blend till you get a dough like consistency. Add a little cocoa/almonds/hemp hearts if your mixture seems wet. Refrigerate it for 10 mins, roll into spheres of desired size, roll in toppings of choice. Enjoy!!

This recipe makes around 8-10 energy bites. I used hemp hearts, cocoa powder and shredded coconut to coat them, you can use any of your choice. 


1. You can use any nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashews, pecans, hazelnuts etc. Mix them up or use one, the world is your oyster.

2. Seeds- You can use chia seeds, flax seeds, pumkin seeds or sunflower seeds, anything that suits your taste. You may also use rolled oats.


1. Make sure your dates are pitted. You can add more dates if you want more sweetness. Or add sweetener of choice.

2. If your blender is not strong enough, I will suggest grinding your nuts first and then add the dates.

3. Don’t blend the nuts for very long otherwise you will end up with nut butter (which is not the worst thing but) the consistency will be too loose and you won’t be able to roll it into spheres.

4. To coat the energy bites you can use powdered nuts, cocoa powder, coconut, any seeds, oats etc.

5. Store the energy bites in an air tight container in the refrigerator for up to a week, or freeze them to keep them longer, just bring them up to room temperature before consuming.

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