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Spicy oven roasted potatoes (with Pudina masala)

Spicy oven roasted potatoes (with Pudina masala)

I love carbs. In every form. Potatoes are one of the best things ever. Fries are always my favourite thing to eat anytime of the day and I always end up buying them so I decided to try something different this time and tried out roasted potatoes.

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To be honest, I will have to admit that I have tried roasting potatoes and making fries or anything for that matter and I always somehow end up ruining it. So I read a lot and tried different methods and I ended up taking up the all time famous Laura Vitale’s tip and I got the best roasted potatoes I have ever made. Turns out, the key is you need to microwave the potatoes for a bit just to make them tender like not mushy but tender enough for them to absorb all the seasonings. It works so well I am never trying another recipe again.

Also, it couldn’t be easier. Let’s start making em

You’ll need:

6 small-medium sized potatoes cut into medium sized wedges (try to make all the pieces roughly of the same size)

3 tbsp olive oil

1 1/2 tbsp garlic paste

2-3 tbsp of dried blend of (pudina/mint powder, black rock salt powder, dried mango powder)

Smoked paprika to taste

Salt and pepper to taste

To season after roasting (Juice of 1 lemon + 1 tbsp white sesame seeds)


  1. Wash and peel your potatoes and cut them into fairly even sized pieces.
  2. Arrange them in a single layer on a microwave safe plate and microwave them for approximately 5 minutes till they are steaming and very slightly tender.
  3. Take a large baking sheet, line it with parchment paper and put it in the oven while preheating it to 230° C.
  4. While the potatoes are in the microwave, take a large bowl and add the oil, spice blend, garlic paste, salt, pepper and paprika and stir well. Add the potatoes and toss them in this mixture.
  5. Carefully arrange the potatoes in a single layer on the baking sheet and let them roast in the oven for a total of 30-40 minutes or till they are golden brown. Just flip the potatoes once after 20 minutes of roasting.
  6. As soon as they turn golden brown take them out of the oven and sprinkle the white sesame seeds and toss with a spatula. Squeeze some lemon juice on top before serving.

You can add some fresh coriander or mint leaves as garnish and serve them with your favourite dips. Best eaten warm and fresh. ENJOY!

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I hope you guys try this recipe and have lots of fun with it. Until next time!



Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset


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