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So I get a lot of messages with recurring questions, therefore I thought I would make a page for all of you in case you want to know about what camera I use, if I have taken some sort of training in baking and/or photography etc. I hope it helps you out. 🙂

Q. Are you a full-time baker?

A. No, baking is my passion and I would love to bake and photograph full time but I am in college currently so…

Q. What camera do you use? Lens? Lights?

A. I have been using a Nikon D3300 with a 35mm 1.8 G prime lens for a year now. I always use natural light.

Q. Did you learn photography? baking?

A. No, I haven’t taken professional training for either, I have just been practicing every day, hence, I learn a little every day. (Yes I practice both the things almost every day)

Q. Do you teach photography/baking?

A. As of now, I do not, but I am so humbled that I get this question very often. I believe there are a lot of things I need to master in order to actually teach both these arts. However, one tip for baking – Use a kitchen scale (SERIOUSLY) and for Photography – Equipment doesn’t really make a bad looking dish look good. If the food looks amazing to the naked eye, no matter what camera you use, it’ll look good. Try different angles and find your style, eventually, you’ll get the hang of food photography.

Q. Where do you get your props from?

A. I keep scavenging for props all the time. It is safe to say that I am a prop freak, I usually find a lot of things on streets, online, during my travels to Kerala, I raid my relatives’ houses etc. My family knows about my craziness for props and so they let me take everything I need. (hahaha)


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